Steven Tibbs

In 2013, Steve Tibbs signed a 2 year contract with the top company Sony/Wright Records to produce, engineer and distribute his first industry recorded album labeled “Nerdlife.” (Itunes, Google Play and Select Retailers). Steven is also known from being a featured character in Shane Moore’s best selling “Apocalypse of Enoch” Series (as himself) and “White Wraith” as the gnome Tibbs. In February 2015, Steven Tibbs release his second album “#nerdanomics” at Vision Con in Branson, MO in february 2015. Then released #nerdanomics Issue #2, a double disc, at Xcon World in Myrtle Beach South Carolina on May 15th 2015, under Tibbs’ record label Nerd Life Records ( ) He brings a powerful presence of an industry professional to the stage and is one hip hop artist you must not miss!


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