The MOJO Brothers

“Quick! Before it eats through the cup!” — Anonymous

Many nights to hazily remember, or haphazardly forget, have been catalyzed by those fateful words. It’s a phrase that has become synonymous with a certain brand of entertainment experience that has been running rampant in Southwest Missouri for decades unlike anything else imaginable. The proprietors of said chant that is etched into the annals of modern geekdom are the one and only high priests of emerald essence, those purveyors of potent potables, the mad scientists of mixology known as the MOJO Brothers! “What do the MOJO Brothers do?” A common and fair question, to be sure! MOJO is an event inside of an event. It’s jokes, laughter, silliness, tastes, sights, music, friendship, geek culture, and unpredictable excitement for 72 hours that can only be articulated in one way: The MOJO Experience!

The MOJO Brothers were inspired to name themselves after a high powered and mysterious drink with origins in the Philippines. Curiosity is a cruel mistress, and the Brothers soon sought their own version of the recipe to serve to their fellow convention goers, friends, and anyone fortunate enough to be at a MOJO event. The origin stories of this and many other drinks are revealed at the MOJO Tasting Party on the first night of the MOJO experience. Then, on Saturday night the gates are opened wide for the legendary MOJO Party that features all of their trademark original drinks with entertainment provided by the MOJO Party’s official band that always aims to misbehave, Big Damn Heroes! Many have had the privilege of experiencing this unique brand of geek friendly convention culture. One must be “kissed by the green fairy” in order to truly “get it”. Allow yourself to be MOJO’D! It’s an experience that you’ll never forget, or maybe never remember!

New Multi-Fandom Convention – Coming to Evansville Fall 2015