From an early age, Samuel Rikard was drawn to the realm of fantasy. Monsters and magic, or starships and warlords, there was nothing too far fetched or out of reach. In his early teens he was introduced to Live Action Role Play. Finding this new and exciting world, he felt at home. Before long he began writing, first details about his characters, then short stories or in­game missives, he developed a style. After high school he joined the military, where he trained exclusively with demolitions. Realizing that wasn’t the life for him, he came home and began the quest for happiness. With his love of storyline, he decided to write a book. Through chance, fate, happenstance, whatever you want to call it, he made some professional contacts and began to learn about the industry. Proving his dedication, and his ability to learn, he was offered a contract. One turned into two, and two became three. Before long, he had a full list of industry professionals. When working with reputation, he’s know as the man to get things done. When he’s not writing, he’s
working as a mechanic and raising his daughter, Breanna. They live in Southwest Missouri with their cat, Andronus. You can find his books and list of appearances on his website

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