Jason Marsden – 2016 Special Guest

You’ve seen him. You’ve heard him. Across platforms such as: television, feature films, animation, video games, commercials, talking toys, promotion, narration, internet. It’s no wonder Jason Marsden has been referred to as “that guy from that show”.

Eddie MunsterYou could say Marsden’s big break was landing a recurring role on “General Hospital” as Alan Quartermaine Jr., but getting to play little Eddie Munster on the 80‘s revamp, “The Munsters Today” was a game changer. This color version of the Munsters starred John Schuck and Lee Meriwether as Herman and Lily (respectively) and ran three seasons in syndication. Soon after that, Jason joined the cast of the short lived but critically respected “Eerie Indiana”. From there, guest starring and recurring on a slew of television and film through the mid 90s! “Ally McBeal”, “Will & Grace”, “Just Shoot Me”, “Full House”, and “Boy Meets World”, most notably.

It was mid 1986, when Jason and his parents drove cross country from his birthplace, Warwick, Rhode Island to Orange County, California. After settling in, Marsden was enrolled in Irvine’s, Del Mar Media Arts studio. A training ground for up and coming actors. Twelve short weeks later Jason was introduced to his first agent who signed him on the spot! He was immediately saturated in auditions for feature films, television, commercials, and voice over. Booking his first audition, a national spot for McDonalds, it was all uphill.

Spanning a career of over twenty-five years, Jason has accumulated an impressive resume. Having worked on projects alongside such talents as Ridley Scott, Joe Dante, Robert Downey, Jr., Jim Carrey, James Woods, even Goofy, himself! More on that later.

Step By Step as Rich Halke

In the feature film world; Jason played a young Billy Crystal in Crystal’s directorial debut “Mr. Saturday Night”. In “Fun With Dick and Jane”, Jason botches Jim Carrey’s shoplifting attempt. At age 20, Jason landed the job of a lifetime when Sir Ridley Scott cast him in “White Squall”, opposite Jeff Bridges and an ensemble of talent. The film shot in 8 countries around the world in 4 months.  The completion of “Squall” found Jason back in the states, joining the cast of the hit television series, “Step by Step”, starring Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy. Jason was cast as Rich Halke, Dana’s (Stacy Keanan) bumbling beau.

In the interim, Jason built an outstanding legacy in Voice Over. Lending his pipes to over 100 animated cartoon series, feature films, video games, toys, and counting! Amongst the most popular, Goofy’s son, Max, in “A Goofy Movie”, Thackery Binx in “Hocus Pocus”, Chester McBadbat in “Fairly Odd Parents”, Nermal in “The Garfield Show”, Conrad ‘Duke’ Hauser in “GI JOE: Renegades”, and appearing in episodes of “Ultimate Spiderman”,“Batman: Brave and Bold”, “Avatar: Legend of Korra” to name a few more. A fan fave is Jason’s performance in Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award winning “Spirited Away”, as Haku the mysterious boy/ dragon. haiku from spirited awayJason absolutely loves working in animation! Getting to working with the talented voice over artists that he used to listen to while watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid is a dream come true! Current projects include: futuristic speedster, Impulse in CN’s “Young Justice”, “Transformers – Rescue Bots”, “Monsters U”, “Final Fantasy 13.2”, and “Kaijudo – Rise of the Duel Masters”.

Though an extensive career in Voice Over has certainly not knocked him out of the on-camera spotlight. Jason’s recent theatrical endeavors have been: Independent feature comedy, “High Hopes”, with Jason playing a ‘deaf-mute’ opposite David Faustino and Jason Mewes. “Blue Like Jazz”, starring True Blood’s Marshall Hallman, directed by Steve Taylor. Jason is also star and Executive Producer of the hit live action comedy Web Series: “Space Guys in Space”! You can find it on YouTube here.

In 2001, Jason met the woman of his dreams, Christy. The two met via serendipity at a cafe in Studio City. Married in 2004, Jason encouraged Christy to follow her passion for yoga and the two opened Yoga Blend in Burbank. Jason credits Christy, the studio, and yoga for changing his life.  He has also discovered the role he was born to play…father to his baby boy, Clark Otis Marsden, born Feb 17, 2010!

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