Meet the Staff

A great event doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of great dedicated people to bring it all together.  Many different backgrounds and skill sets they each can bring to the table. These are some of the great people that will be bringing Tri-Con 2016 to Evansville, IN.

Amy Bartley                                                                          Con Chair

Amy is one of the 4 original co-founders that started EvilleCon Anime Convention back in 2009. She continued to work with EvilleCon in the years to follow and work on it’s board of directors. In April 2014, Amy resigned as EvilleCon’s convention chair to form a new multi-fandom convention, known as Tri-Con! With Amy’s experience and knowledge of a conventions inner workings, she is sure to make Tri-Con an awesome event that we think attendees will look forward to year after year!

Jamie Arvin                                                                              Programming Director

Jamie Arvin wife to Jeff is a total scifi geek. A true Trekkie and whovian. Jamie was introduced to the original Star Trek series by her daddy. In the eighties they used to watch the reruns together. Her first doctor Tom Baker was also introduced to her in the eighties thanks to the PBS station. She has always held these two scifi series very close to her heart.
Jamie also has a huge passion for makeup artistry and cosplay makeup. To satisfy this passion Jamie is an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. She is like no Mary Kay consultant you will ever meet as she brings her geekiness into the biz.
As an independent business owner Jamie knows what it takes to help Tri-Con run smoothly. Jamie is here to bring the attendees unique and fun programming that will keep them coming back for more!

 Jeffrey Arvin                                                                        Operations Director

Jeffrey is a Purdue grad currently working as a network engineer for Windstream Communications. Between working full time and being a dad he enjoys working on his latest adventure of Tri-Con. Jeffrey loves Doctor Who, Torchwood, and much more sci-fi but most of all he loves to watch 80’s cartoons with his boys. Jeffrey is a strong leader and no stranger to hard work. With his drive to succeed he is sure to help make Tri-Con an awesome event for many years.

Joe Ashworth                                                                 Media Director / Art & Production

Joe is the man that makes everything look awesome.  As a Huge fan of Doctor Who and too many other shows and genres to mention here, he jumped at the chance to help bring Tri-Con to reality.

AJ Hoehn
Con Treasurer

Andrew F Hoehn, Mk II was activated on stardate 2647.4 on the planet Ecaz. The Mark II, also called “AJ”, serves as Tri-Con’s computational wizard and in-house accountant.

Imagine if you will the the love-child of a Vulcan and Ferengi. Now, give it the stocky, hearty build of a Morian Dwarf. That’s AJ!

Amye London                                                                          Table swaps and Volunteers

Ames is your volunteer chair for Tri-Con again in 2016! A huge Anglophile, avid Sci-Fi (Trek, Wars, X-Files, Fringe), music lover, history buff, and random factoids make up this geeky gal. Always the adventurous spirit, she’s eager to show her geeky side at any given opportunity! She’s grateful for the opportunity to make your 2016 Tri-Con experience one to remember!



Daniel Stevens                                                                    Special Events / Gaming

Dan brings with him 30 years of experience as both a player and a Game Master. He is a multi-fandom geek that caught Pacman Fever in the early 80’s and never quite got over it. He is a multi-genre table top player having played and ran many games from various game systems. G.U.R.P.S is one of his favorites, but D&D still holds a taloned hand on his heart. In the mundane world he is a Banquet Chef and brings his organizational and planning skills with him.


Kathleen Stevens

Bio to Come.


Jessica Hicks

Bio to Come.


George Hicks III
Convention Operations / Security Agent

George is an avid gamer and beginning guitarist. He loves to watch anime of all sorts and building computers. As far as con’s go, He’s only attended one and that was Otakun in Baltimore. BTW did We mention that He knows ninjutsu! lol just kidding.


Scott Denney
Main Events / Cosplay Contest Organizer

Scott is half of Mountain Sun Cosplay which is a husband/wife duo that have combined their love for all things nerd & geek culture into a hobby they share & love together!!


Bruce Ripple
Public Relations
/ Art & Production /Exhibit Hall

Bruce is the Head (and a large head, at that) of Public Relations for Tri-Con as well as the Head of the Exhibitor Hall. When someone from a magazine, podcast, or TV station asks to speak to a Tri-Con representative, he is usually the one pushed forward (and Misty, too!). He has spent the past 4 years as a vendor at conventions in the region, selling his own card games and role-playing games. With this experience, he is approaching his new position as Head of Exhibitor Hall from the viewpoint of a vendor/artist, ensuring that both the convention AND the vendor have fun and make money!

In his free time, Bruce lays about his chateau with his wife and 6 animals, discussing and debating the finer points of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings (books), Harry Potter, Firefly, James Bond, The Librarians, and naturally, Big Trouble In Little China – the greatest film ever made!

Sir Jake Bengert
Convention Operations /
Security Agent

Also known as “CrazyJake” being that security is his job of choice, He will have a skillful and trained eye on everything Tri-con! Whether it be good or bad he will see it! He rules with a mighty hammer that will…Oh wait, that’s Thor. Oops! Ok, so he may not be a superhero but, he is a U.S. Navy vet. (He was a firefighter in the navy) He likes both the Star Wars and Star Trek but kinda leans more toward Star Trek. He also likes the Marvel movies (Thor, Avengers, etc…) He likes gaming but, mostly plays racing style games. What he is  looking forward to the most about the Tri-Con is seeing good friends and meeting new ones.

Holly Osborne
Gaming Room and Schedule

Holly is one part out of two who helps with registration. She is a Sophomore at the University of Evansville and is studying her undergraduate in Music Management while minoring in business. She has a love for video games (Fallout, Left for Dead, Minecraft, etc.) and role playing games (Cthulhu, Vampire the Masquerade, Dungeon and Dragons, CyberPunk, etc.) alike. She also loves anime, horror films, and TV shows such as Dr. Who, Rick and Morty, Supernatural and too many others to name off. She is new to being a staff member to a convention instead of an attendee, and can’t wait to help Tri-Con with the highly anticipated 2016 year!

Larry Grierson
Panel Programming

Larry is a nerdy East Coast transplant, landing here in Indiana after getting out of the Navy. He lives with his equally nerdy wife, two kids, and many pets, one believed to be a dragon. He has been to a few cons and was a volunteer at Tri-Con 2015. We asked Larry about his fandoms and he arrived with an overstuffed backpack, but he tripped and everything fell out of the bag. Some Sci-fi and Fantasy tried to fly off on spaceships and dragons. Luckily, his dice bag pinned down his anime collection and video games before they could roll away. He managed to hold onto his camera, as his comics fell to the floor. As he was trying to stuff everything back in the bag, Larry also told us he is beginning to get into Cosplay and Steampunk, and aspires to join the Rebel Legion.


New Multi-Fandom Convention – Coming to Evansville Fall 2015