Gerald Home 2017 Special Guest

Gerald Home is the actor/mime who played Tessek-Squid Head and the Mon Calamari Officer in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI.

He has travelled the world meeting Star Wars fans, and is an Honorary Member of many fan groups, including the 501st and Rebel Legions, the Jedi Outcasts of Italy, Star Wars Hungary, the Star Wars Club Portugal, the Shadow Legion Denmark, Yildiz Savaslari – Star Wars Turkey, Holored Estelar Seville, and the Bydgoski Fanklub in Poland. He was made an Honorary Jedi Master by the Jedi Knights of Cleveland and is “Godfather” to L’Alliance Impériale in Canada. In early 2008, he was made Ambassador of the Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance, SWORA, an alliance of many fan groups from all around the world, which he co-founded.

He has his own club in Spain, The CalamariMen Club, in appreciation of the two characters he played in RETURN OF THE JEDI, who both came from the planet Mon Calamari. In 2007, he narrated a 30th anniversary charity concert of Star Wars music, in Spanish, in Valencia, Spain.

He is very active in the Star Wars fan community, most notably via his long-running, very popular thread online, called ROTJ History: Gerald Home’s Creature Info, which has information and photos not seen anywhere else online:

Further information and photos can be found on his website:

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