2015 – Exhibitor Hall

Here are some of the great vendors and artists that were at Tri-Con 2015!

We had a lot of great submissions but we SOLD OUT of spots for the Exhibitor Hall quick. Be sure to apply for a spot early when we open up the Exhibitor Application.


John Helfrich
John Helfrich

Tri-Con would like to welcome John Helfrich as our featured artist! John is one of Evansville’s great artists! His portraits are exquisite and will take your breath away. Lose yourself in a captain’s gaze, don’t blink while staring at the angel, be afraid of the menacing alien and laugh at the sight of a sarcastic mercenary.  You can find John’s artist table in the exhibitor hall at Tri-Con in September and feast your eyes on his many great works available for purchase and waiting to be hung on the wall of your home! One of John’s fantastic paintings will also be featured in Tri-Con’s charity auction, benefitting PAAWS animal rescue, happening on Sunday of the convention! Some examples of John’s paintings can be found below: Captian Kirk Jean Luc Picard Joker Pikachu  

Stephanie Goeppner

Stephanie Goeppner

Grimm’s Crib specializes in cute fandom artwork and buttons. We’ll have a variety of prints, bookmarks, key chains, buttons, and other fandom goodies available for sale, so stop by and say hi!

Natalie & Beth
Natalie & Beth

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Check out Raven & Bunny’s unique creations!

Raven & Bunny’s Facbook Page


Aslynn’s Viking Horde – Where handmade is bettermade!

We have a fine selection of battle hardened blades. Forged to look seasoned and weathered to withstand any medieval battle or post apocalyptic crisis, these blades have a lifetime guarantee. Need a custom sheath for your sword or a quiver for your arrows? We do that too! How about something unique to decorate your dwelling when you arrive home from slashing goblins and hacking zombies? Let us show you our one of a kind yarn figurines! We craft figures of all varieties from doctors, princesses, Jedi, and fantasy creatures. But wait there’s more! We also make personal accessories to carry on your person! Everything from leather armor and carry satchels to crocheted hats and spell bags. Whether you’re a fair noble person from centuries past or a lone survivor in tomorrow’s era, we have something for you.
Psst! We do commissions!

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Jessie's Joys Crocheted Toys
Jessie’s Joys Crocheted Toys

IMG_20140909_114907IMG_20140909_113959  IMG_20140819_113312

I love anime and making the characters come to life in my arms is a dream come true. I work hard to make sure they look great and keep my eye on the details, so each is as authentic as possible. Quality craftsmanship is what we strive for at Jessie’s Joys.

Find more of Jessies Joys at this site:

Ambrosia Rae Designs
Ambrosia Rae Designs

Ambrosia Rae Design’s makes cute polymer charms in addition to jewelry, original artwork, and other fun things. We also love to make your custom designs a reality! Bring your OC or gaming character to life with our irresistible Chibi Charms!

DSC_0309 20150118_181156 2015-01-18 18.27.28

You can check out more of Amber’s works at these sites:



Since 2008 KMKDesigns has created alternative, Steampunk, Gothic and Neo-Victorian clothing and wedding dresses with care and great craftsmanship. We also specialize in quality custom creations and plus sizing. We make everything locally in our Studio in Stillwater, MN.

IMG_0981You can find more of KMK Designs at:


Grievance is an online community built on the tenets of Family, Honor, and Loyalty.  Grievance strives to provide gamers with an organized, safe, respectful, and most of all, fun community to call their online home.  With guilds in all current major MMOs and presence in many other online games including FPS, MOBAs, and an array of PC games, Grievance is glad to support over 8,000 members at the start of 2015. Its Community Outreach Group produces regular casts that feature game updates, reviews, and game streaming at twitch.tv/grievance.  If you are tired of guild shopping and ready to join a truly dynamic community, please check out Grievance at www.grievancegaming.org

Ardent Flame LOGO
We have all sorts of hand made fuse bead creations, crocheted plushies, and shrink charm jewelry featuring anime, video games and tv shows!
To see more, click on a link:
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Book and Music Exchange
Book and Music Exchange

The Book and Music Exchange has six locations in both Kentucky and Indiana.  We have two locations in Owensboro, one location in Evansville, and three locations in Louisville.  Our stores have a wide variety of stock, with everything from video games to Pop Vinyl and vintage vinyl records.

Come check out our huge selection of books, DVDs, music and video games.  Each location is different, so make sure you visit each location.

All of our locations buy and trade on just about anything.  Check out our Facebook pages for up to date information on the various sales all of our locations run.  It’s also a good place to see the new items we have in stock.



Gant Graffiti Artwork

Gant Graffiti Artwork

Handpainted, Custom, and Original Artwork by Jarell Gant

From Piggy Banks to Wall Murals to Mailboxes, Artist/Cartoonist Jarell Gant has a variety of products that will paint a smile on your inner child! A self taught cartoonist, Jarell started Gant Graffiti Artworks as just a small hobby that has now slowly grown into a small business. Carefully drawn and handpainted, each piece of artwork is sprayed with an acrylic waterproof sealer to preserve the beauty of the art for years to come. Whether it be a familiar cartoon character or an original idea, you will surely fall in love with his works. Special orders are taken daily! For more work from this artist visit https://www.facebook.com/gantgraffiti or follow him on instagram: Gant Graffiti Artworks.


Roll4Damage specializes in custom leather work and armor/prop making in fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic styles.

Other products include earrings, keychains, and pins inspired by classic table-top and video gaming, with a dash of kitsch thrown in for good measure.

Roll 4 Damage’s Facebook Page


icypanther art shop logo copy

IcyPanther’s Art Shop is your stop for cute! Specializing in chibis, IcyPanther puts her artwork on a variety of products including buttons, bags, cosmetic/pencil bags, magnets, bookmarks, prints and more! She also dabbles with clay and sculpts little miniatures and charms! Unleash the cuteness!

Check out Icypanther’s Etsy shop

Icypanther’s Facebook page



Everything from handmade clothing, hats, jewelry, toys and more! All with a nerdy flair!




You have just discovered the world of creatively adventurous apparel! Looking for Self Expression thru clothing? You have come to the right place! K.O. Fashions offers a wide variety of clothing & costume pieces, Japaense Kimonos & accessories, Lolita & steampunk & fantasy pieces, shoes, corsets, and much much more! You can find more at: www.kofashions.co and at www.facebook.com/K.O.Fashions

boothlolita patternpeasant shirt


Your go to place for anything you want Japanese and Anime related! Featuring Japanese snacks, anime figures, messenger bags, clothing, cosplay accessories, wigs, drawstring bags, and so much more!

To check out their HUGE inventory, go to www.animaxstore.com



WHO KNEW? ART by Curt Payne
Curt Payne is the sole artist at Who Knew? Art.  He is a history teacher by day and artist by night.  His unique, chaos within order, style came about after his wife, Kim, asked for some art for their home.    After painting several pieces as gifts, and after some encouragement from friends and family he decided to share his art.  He has shown at several conventions and it has been very well received everywhere.
Check out his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/whoknewcurt
spock painting walkingdead painting wonderwoman&Superman Painting



“The Second Stone Age” is a science fiction book with an alien twist not seen before,written by Jeremiah P. Eckrich.

Jeremiah P. Eckrich has had many different experiences in life.  He has been in law enforcement, a professional driver, a DJ, acted in school plays, tried his hand at professional modeling and owned his own business.  He has also competed in the United States Karate Federation and took first place in MO State, IL State and National championships for two consecutive years.  He has accumulated many stories over time and loves telling them. 


We are a convention-based Anime, Manga, Gaming, Cosplay/Steampunk, glow/L.E.D. and Japanese snack retailer.


Booth booth2

LOGO copy

Sweets Haven is a small artist shop selling original handmade plushies, accessories, and artwork. All creations are original designed and cute inspired!

11751408_1091436814219610_6730848593389916921_n catbat night dress Catbats


Revival Games is an Evansville based gaming company that specializes in card games and table-top RPGs. Tri-Con will mark the first release of their new RPG One Night Wizards, which will be for sale at their booth. Additionally, they will also have decks of their hit game Dubshruggles for sale. Stop by and grab a free button!




A sweet, unique, boutique. Tasty Peach Studios offers original concepts and designs in the form of plush, apparel, bags, jewelry, accessories, paper goods, and more!


Ed Gehlert
Ed Gehlert

Edward Gehlert started his career in the publishing industry in 1999 as a copy editor. Since that time he has written more than 25 books. These works were military base guides, city welcome guides and business guides. He has also written countless articles that have appeared in various media outlets. Children of Enoch: Dark Harvest is the first of a trilogy that is set in an apocalyptic world where nightmarish creatures roam the Earth.

Edward is the Editorial Manager for F&M Publishing, a position he has held for the past five years, prior to that he worked in the emergency services field as a 911 operator and then as a police officer.

He has always been fascinated by the power of the written word. From a young age he has been carried along on magical journeys, all of which were weaved by skilled storytellers. His dream, now realized, was to one day join them.

He currently resides in Belle, Missouri with his wife, Eva, and son, Wayde

Ed 2



Originally started as a hobby in 2010, G & G Armory quickly turned into something much larger than previously envisioned. Eva Gehlert, owner and armorer, quickly realized that chainmail was the art form she had been looking for.
Specializing in chainmail, the shop manufactures full suits of armor as well as putting a spin on common everyday items. You can find dreamcatchers, dice bags, lamp shades, belts, ties, bracelets, necklaces, and other sparkly things in the shop.
Hand crafted every step of the way, from rolling and cutting the 440 stainless steel, to closing each ring, every piece is unique. Most items can be custom fitted on site for complete customer satisfaction.


Creator Vurei Art and Accessories
Creator Vurei Art and Accessories

Hello! My name is Domi and I am an artist of all kinds. I am a sewer, drawer, comic artist, painter, sculptor, and illustrator. I make art whenever I am inspired to do so, but I will hopefully update regularly! If you have any questions or you want a commission, please email me @ creatorvurei@gmail.com

https://inkbunny.net/domichan http://kitsunedomichan.deviantart.com/

Table Pic

Little Lulu’s

If you’re looking for cute plush, one of a kind jewelry, artwork that inspires or just things to celebrate your favorite fandom chances are we have it here. Everything is handmade with love and care. Come by and check out what we have to offer or just stop by to talk, we never turn away a good offer or a friendly face.


Keep Calm and Perler On!

We fulfill all of your perler art needs!

Fuzz Wuzzie

Hats, Lanyards, Keychains and more!!


Accessories, apparel, collectibles, costumes, decor, toys, weapons and more!

New Multi-Fandom Convention – Coming to Evansville Fall 2015