Convention Rules

Tri-Con Convention Rules

General Convention Policies

  • Tri-Con assumes no liability for accidental injury or damage to personal property during the convention.
  • Attendance of the convention constitutes consent to the use of the attendee’s image or likeness in any future advertising, recording, transmission, or reproduction of Tri-Con and consent to ejection without refund for failure to comply with the rules stated herein.
  • Attendees will not be disruptive or disrespectful to fellow attendees, special guests, vendors, artists, Tri-Con Staff, or volunteers. Disruptive behavior is not allowed, and includes running, yelling, playing loud music, horseplay, flying radio-controlled helicopters, unsolicited physical contact, or any other behavior deemed disruptive or disrespectful by Tri-Con Staff.
  • Hallways, aisles, and doorways must be kept clear at all times. Attendees obstructing the flow of traffic may be asked to clear the area. If you would like to stand and talk with friends, take photos, or show off your vendor hall purchases, that’s great! But we ask that you do so out of the way of convention traffic.
  • Smoking and drugs are prohibited in the convention and in the general areas of the hotel.
  • Rollerblades, skates, skateboards, scooters, heelies, and bicycles are prohibited in the convention center and in the hotel.
  • Costumes revealing more then what a typical bathing suit would reveal are not allowed. If you would not wear your costume in front of your mother, it’s probably not appropriate to wear to Tri-Con.
  • No soliciting on convention grounds. Any signs interpreted by Tri-Con Staff as solicitation will be confiscated and destroyed.
  • The convention shall not be held liable for any lost or stolen belongings. It is recommended that attendees leave bags, purses, and personal belongings in the attendee’s hotel room or car. If you lose or find an item, please report it to the Hotel Desk employees.
  • Any props, bags, or other belongings deemed unsafe by Tri-Con Staff will be held in the Staff and Volunteer Lounge until the end of the day. Items left after the convention will be auctioned to the highest bidder to benefit next year’s con. Because we cannot guarantee the safety of any item confiscated during the convention, you are welcome to remove the item to your hotel room or car. A volunteer will escort you out of the convention area and back.
  • You may be subject to voluntary search upon entry to the convention and at any time during the convention. If a staff member suspects that an individual is refusing voluntary search because he or she poses an immediate threat to a staff member, volunteer, attendee, guest, or hotel employee, the proper authorities will be contacted.
  • Please be respectful to all Hotel staff. The convention site is the property of the Hotel. If you were at someone’s home and they asked you to take your feet off the coffee table, you would do it. Attendees should treat hotel staff with the same respect.
  • Any attendee damaging or defacing hotel property will be liable for repair or replacement of damaged facilities.
  • Disabled persons, Tri-Con Staff, on-duty volunteers, special guests, and vendors are not required to stand in line for entry into any Event Room. If you have any questions, please contact convention security.
  • Tri-Con has a zero-tolerance policy toward theft. Shoplifters will be reported to local authorities, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and banned from Tri-Con for five consecutive years.
  • Tri-Con Staff reserves the right to eject anyone at anytime from the convention without refund.
  • Attendees must follow any and all directions given by Tri-Con Staff and Volunteers or Hotel security and employees. Anyone refusing to follow such directions is subject to immediate removal from the convention.
  • If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please contact an Tri-Con Staff Member or Volunteer. They will be recognizable by their staff and volunteer t-shirts and can be found throughout the convention.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Tri-Con has a zero-tolerance policy toward illegal drug use on site. Adults over the age of 21 are welcome to consume alcohol where permitted by the hotel (Hotel lounge, personal rooms, etc). Anyone found to be under the influence or in the possession of illegal drugs or minors under the influence of alcohol during the convention will be reported to the proper authorities.

Weapons Policy

Tri-Con prohibits the following:

  • Weapons prohibited under Indiana law.
  • Real guns (even if they are disabled).
  • Practice swords including boken and kendo swords.
  • Live steel of any kind, unless the weapon is bonded to a scabbard or other protective cover.
  • Sharp objects of any kind.
  • Projectiles of any kind, including Nerf projectiles, blanks, or air-soft guns.
  • Loaded water pistols or other liquid weapons.
  • Laser pointers or laser-aiming devices of any kind unless approved by Tri-Con Staff for the purpose of leading a panel.

THE ONLY EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES ARE WEAPONS USED IN CONVENTION-SPONSORED EVENTS OR DEMONSTRATIONS. The demonstrators using these weapons are trained professionals, and Tri-Con trusts them to always keep safety in mind. If you feel that a demonstrator is being threatening to you, please let Tri-Con Staff know immediately.

  • DO NOT CARRY ANY PROP WEAPON OUTSIDE OF THE CONVENTION AREA! Law Enforcement Personnel will treat these as real weapons and will take serious action! Carry your props in a bag or case and remove it only in convention areas.
  • All weapons must be tagged on site at the convention. Untagged weapons will be confiscated and held until the end of the convention. Weapons deemed by any Tri-Con Staff Member to be unsafe or to not conform to these rules will not be tagged and will be immediately confiscated and held until the end of the convention.
  • Tags or protective bonding MUST NOT be removed from weapons at any time.
  • Unapproved props or weapons bought at the convention should be removed from the premises (to your car or hotel room) immediately.
  • Confiscated props may be picked up after Closing Ceremonies. They cannot be released before this time, so if you must leave the convention early, you MUST remove the unapproved prop from the premises before entry to the convention will be granted. Additionally, Tri-Con cannot guarantee the safety of your confiscated weapon or prop. A volunteer will escort you to your hotel room or car to drop off the weapon and back to convention premises.
  • Tri-Con Staff can confiscate any weapon at any time for any reason.

Autograph Policy

  • Autographs are given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please bring no more than 2 items to be signed to each session. Items should be prepared for signing prior to approaching the autograph table. Posters should be unrolled and DVD or CD inserts should be removed from the case. Autograph books should be opened and ready for the guest to sign.
  • Photographs are welcome at the special guests discretion.
  • While attendees are encouraged to converse with special guests, please keep comments and conversations brief so that the line can move efficiently.

Dance/Ball/Rave Rules

  • Attendees must wear their badge prominently on their person at all times during dances no matter the attire of the event.
  • All costumes should conform to general convention policies.
  • No containers of liquid other than bottled water will be allowed in the Main Events Hall during any dance at any time. Water bottles must be spill-proof and remain closed unless you are drinking from them at the time.
  • Individuals, who are disruptive, appear to be intoxicated, or who behave in any way that jeopardizes the safety of others will be ejected from the dance and will not be allowed to return. Any of the above behaviors may result in the loss of your Tri-Con badge and removal from the convention, upon decision of Tri-Con Staff.
  • STATE AND FEDERAL LAWS ALSO MANDATE THAT IT IS PROHIBITED FOR INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 TO DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21. Our over 21 attendees are allowed to consume alcohol outside of the convention area in a responsible, civilized manner. We require that our under 21 attendees refrain from drinking at our convention.
  • Follow all hotel guidelines regarding consumption of alcohol in shared public areas.
  • If Tri-Con Staff suspects an attendee under the age of 21 to be drinking or intoxicated, a staff member will contact the proper authorities. Tri-Con DOES NOT authorize, endorse, or condone underage drinking under any circumstances. We will follow all local, state, and federal guidelines regarding underage drinking.
  • No backpacks, bags, props, or purses larger than 8″ in any dimension can be brought into the dance. We suggest that all bags be left in your hotel room or car during the dance.
  • Glow sticks are allowed in the Rave, but MUST NOT BE BROKEN. Anyone found by Tri-Con Staff or Volunteers to have intentionally broken a glow stick on convention grounds will be immediately ejected from the convention and will be liable for necessary cleaning and/or repairs.

Flier Policy

  • Fliers must be approved by a Tri-Con Staff Member and will be placed on a designated table on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Each organization will be allotted only one 8.5×11 stack.
  • Fliers placed in unapproved places will be removed. Multiple offenses will result in ALL fliers for the offending organization to be removed from the convention.
  • Fliers must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Tri-Con reserves the right to remove any flier at any time for any reason.
  • Fliers will be recycled at the end of the convention. If you wish to keep your remaining fliers, please remove them prior to Closing Ceremonies.

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