2016 Panels

Con 101 A How to Panel

First time con goer and confused already? Come to Con 101 and ask all your burning questions. Curious what glomping means? Don’t know how to meet a celebrity? Scared of con etiquette? We can help!

Zombie Talk with Cristin Azure

Ever wonder what it takes to be a zombie on the walking dead? What’s it like going through Greg Nicotero’s zombie school? What are the steps to take to become a zombie? Learn from the most featured walker on tv’s most popular zombie series! Cristin has been a featured zombie on the walking dead since season 4! She even has her own action figure and has been featured in the walking dead calendars! Come learn from a pro!

Let’s Talk Comics! with Kyle Starks

How do you become a published comic book creator and land a movie deal? Learn from Kyle Starks, creator of Sexcastle, on how to dive into the comic book world as a creator. Ask Kyle what steps he took to get where he is and how you can do it too!

It’s Good to be Bad! with Robert Axelrod

Robert Axelrod shares the joys of being the villain! And he knows a thing or two about being bad! He is Lord Zedd after all!! The havoc he and Rita caused on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was unmatched! Learn what it takes to play the bad guy and how much fun it can be!

Cosplay 101 with SuperKayce

What is Cosplay?  How do I start? Are there any rules?  What makes a good cosplay?  If any of these question or more have ever crossed your mind, this is the panel for you.  Cosplay guest SuperKayce will help explain the basics of Cosplay and help you get a start in an amazing hobby.

Makeup FX with Chris Lankford

Explore the exciting world of Makeup FX.  Learn application Tips and Techniques you can use on your own.  And don’t forget to get ready for the Zombie Prom.

Exploring the Wooden Canvas: Pyrography 101

The ancient art of Pyrography has been handed down for centuries. It marks preservation of time and nature and now, allows you to express your inner geekdoms. We will teach you how to take the most basics of wood, sanding it down, and turning it into a beautiful canvas with the unique traits it carries. Join us as we show you the ancient technique, what it once consisted of, and where it has come today with Subzero, Gremlins, the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Horror in Heavy Metal with Trent Wilson of Big Damn Heroes

Trent Wilson of Big Damn Heroes will take you on an exploration of Horror’s influence on Rock and Heavy Metal.  Starting with early roots in Blues working through the years to the 80’s Explosion.  Then take a detour to visit the Horror Metal Films. Ending with the shift in culture during the 90’s through today.

Cards Against Humanity (18+)

Cards Against Humanity open play.  Make sure to bring your cards.  This hour is dedicated to having a little fun with one of the most popular adult card games out there today.  Trust me folks this one is going to get  a little weird.  Hope you are up for it. 

Steampunk 101

Steampunk 101 What is Steampunk? What is its history? Is it Cosplay? How does it differ from typical Cosplay? What is the future of Steampunk? These and other earth-shaking topics will be presented with a Q&A session at the end.

Selling Online

Want to start an online business and don’t know where to start? Come talk to 2 women who built their queendoms from the ground up.

Worbla for Beginner’s with Ashlynn Marie

What is Worbla?  How do you use it? What can you use it for?  Looking to make you cosplay pop but not sure how?  All this and more will be answered by Cosplay guest Ashlynn Marie as she explains the basics of Worbla.

Steampunk music

A look at Steampunk music and the phenomenon of Electro Swing music’s popularity in Steampunk, with an exploration of the reasons for its popularity and a comparison with mainstream Steampunk music. Also includes a definition of what Electro Swing/Neo Vintage music is, as well as a look at the period appropriateness for Dieselpunk, and its popularity in Dieselpunk as well.

Dr Prozac Movie Screening

Join Bob Dixon for a screening of his Movie Dr. Prozac

Meet Austin Tindle Q & A

Come have a conversation with Austin Tindle. You can talk about his life, career, getting into to voice acting, past characters or, ya know, other stuff too. If you don’t have any questions he’ll probably just talk about himself. Or read Harry Potter out loud. Not Goblet of Fire, though.

Andy Imlay Comedy Skit

Local Comedy Star Andy Imlay will wow you and lead us into the Cosplay contest.

Life in the 90’s and Beyond A Q & A with Jason Marsden

Learn what it was like growing up as a teen heartthrob in the 90’s! You’ve seen Jason on such shows as boy meets world and full house, but he’ll also talk about what it’s like to have your voice heard on everything! Including in the world of Disney as Goofy’s son, Max! Yay u can even ask him about his iconic role on Disney’s Cult classic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus!

Rules of Stunt Driving with Cristin Azure

Cristin was trained by Grady Bishop’s Extreme Stunt Driving Team and drives with Precision Drivers Unlimited, LLC! But how w did she get there? What “drove” her to seek a field in stunt driving? Learn what it takes to get into this competitive field and maybe she’ll even give you a few tips and tricks!

Steven Universe Shipping Wars!

Ever wish you could know which ship is the best? Well guess what! In here you can! Defend your ship to the bitter end against other ships, until the ultimate ship reigns supreme! Think your OTP can make it?

Speed Friending 18 +

Find your tribe at our speed friending event. Bond over your favorite fandom with your potential new best friends!

Shane Moore on how to rule the world and eat Poptarts!

Shane Moore is the leading authority on eating pop tarts and knows a thing or two about claiming the world as his own! Come learn from a true master at conquering life! Come join his ranks and you to shall eat pop tarts and rule the world at his side! And please don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!!

Austin Tindle’s Raunchy Shakespeare 18+

Come laugh, scream, and cry, the way Shakespeare intended with an hour long romp through the best moments of the Bard. Participation is encouraged, but not necessary.

501st Meet and Greet

Meet the 501st and Rebel Legions! Find out how you can get started in Star Wars costuming.

Dieselpunk 101

Dieselpunk 101. What is Dieselpunk? What is its history? Is it Cosplay? How does it differ from typical Cosplay? What is the future of Dieselpunk? These and other earth-shaking topics will be presented with a Q&A session at the end.

Steampunk vs. Dieselpunk

A comparison of the differences and similarities between Steampunk and Dieselpunk, with a brief explanation of each. Complete with Powerpoint slide presentation, the goal is to delineate the distinctions between the two, how they came about, their aesthetics, their historical foundations, and their effect in popular culture (print, film, & music).

Cosplay and Anxiety

Discuss the pressures that can be associated with cosplay and how to successfully cope with them.

Clay Fan Art Fun

You know about fan art, right? Well let’s dive deep into the other side. No, not drawing, or 3D, but modeling clay! Dee Jay Randle, aka Daveybird16, will show you some of his tricks of the trade, as well as showcase some of his own Nintendo sculptures and figures. Hands off my clay!

The Hero’s Journey: Story Structure From The Odyssey to Star Wars

Having trouble making your story flow? Not sure what to do to your hero next? Look no further than the Hero’s Journey, the basic story structure found in almost every great tale. Used even today, it can be found in Star Wars and even in The Lord Of the Rings. We’ll explore how to use this structure and still write your own story.               

Building a Steamsona

Everything you need to know to craft a well-developed Steampunk persona for use in person, online, or in writing. Audience participation encouraged.

Volumes of Blood Movie Screening

Stop in and share in a screening of a local production company’s movie Volumes of Blood.  A Q & A session is to follow.  If you enjoy it and want to increase your scare quotient, don’t forget Volumes of Blood 2 is set to release right before Halloween

@Midnight Game Show

Hosted by local Emcee: MC Who Izzy this is a game that will delve into the darker parts of our fandoms. not bad dark, per say, just some good ol’ adult potty humor. Get ready for #hashtag wars, Anime Pitchmen, Yahoo Answers, and more!

USI Quidditch Team Demo

How do you play Quiddich in real life?! Learn the rules of the game and the equipment needed to catch the golden snitch and declare victory for your house!

Song Crafting

Trent Wilson from Big Damn Heroes will discuss the in and outs of creating your own song.  The failures and triumphs and everything in between.

Cosplay and Fitness


Intro to Leather for Cosplay

There is nothing that makes a costume pop like leather, but what kind of leather do we use for different costumes? This is the primary question that plagues the costumer. In this panel we will cover the different types of leather, the critters it comes from and where to find supplies. I will bring a variety of cowhide and exotics to be fondled and sniffed. There will be a handout with basic industry terms and web resources to continue your self-training regime. We will hold a Q&A towards the end of the panel, so don’t be afraid to bring in a project that is giving you fits, maybe we can help! Hope to see you there!

Sidekick 101

Here we will be discussing the necessity of Sidekicks.  Where would our heroes be without them?  What happens with a bad sidekick?  When the sidekick becomes the hero….

Ask Austin Tindle Weird Stuff

Life, the Universe, and Austin Tindle. Come ask any weird question you want. Serious or comedic, Austin will do his best to inject enlightenment and burst your brain.  Wanna talk about PanGalactic Theism? Weird personal problems? Or maybe the reasons why toilet paper and the combustion engine are both outdated technology? Let’s get real, y’all.

Pole Exercise Demo

We’ve all had that problem of fitting in our favorite costume before the next big convention.  Why spend hours in a boring gym.  Learn to use pole dancing to stay in shape.  With all the new pole studios opening up and all the poles suitable to install in you’re house why not learn to make working out more fun.  This fitness craze is quickly gaining more attention from both men and women alike.  Find a new, fun way to exercise.  Watch our demonstration and gather information on how to take advantage of this fun new fitness craze.

Clash of Clans Meet up

Do you love clash of clans and belong to the best clan out there? Ever want to meet the people in your clan in person? Well, how’s your chance! Tell your clan mates to meet you at Tri-Con! Meet members from other clans and discuss the best strategies for winning the most battles!

Star Wars Collection Exhibit

Mark Scott is bringing his extensive collection of Star Wars Memorabilia for our perusing pleasure.

Not Just Sepia:  Color in Steampunk

A brief history examining why brown is so popular in steampunk, and why it doesn’t have to be. Including historical references and modern day examples of colorful steampunk couture.

Wizarding Watchers: The Wonderous World of Potter!

Potterheads, unite! Looking and wanting to discuss what you LOVE or perhaps (Godric forbid) /hate/ about the Harry Potter Universe? Then this is the panel for you! We will be discussing everything there is about the Potter Universe, including new updates to the franchise. Once we’ve let out all of those theories and what-ifs, you’ll have a chance to ask a few familiar faces about THEIR feelings about the Boy Who Lived, You-Know-Who and everything in between!

Life of an Author – Overcoming obstacles and achieving success

How to manage resources to effectively follow a writing career and what an editor looks at during the final process.

New Multi-Fandom Convention – Coming to Evansville Fall 2015