2016 Cosplay Contest


Adult Cosplay Contest

SATURDAY @ 3:00PM- Ages 15 and up
Prejudged contest
You have to be pre registered by 1:30PM
Prejudging will start at 2:00PM

There will be a Grand Champion, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up

The Professional Judges will be decided soon.

The basic rules:

  1. All costumes must be custom made or mostly customized.
  2. No real weapons.
  3. No profanity.
  4. No fighting or play fighting.
  5. No vulgarity.
  6. You can surprise the audience but don’t surprise the staff, any actions need to be discussed before hand.
  7. No flame, fire, smoke or liquids. Whatever you bring on the stage leaves with you.
  8. No provocative costumes, any costume deemed to offensive must be altered as requested by staff.
  9. All judges decisions are final. Any other questions can be directed to staff or cosplay promoter.

Kids Cosplay Contest

SATURDAY @ 10am – Ages 0-14yrs

Costumes can be purchased costumes.

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.

With prizes to be determined.

Judges will be announced soon.

And of course, If you have any questions please ask.

By registering for competition you are agreeing to let Tri-Con use your likeness ( photos, video and audio recordings) in any and all promotions. Your information will only be used by Tri-Con for competition use and will not be given to any outside sources. Cosplay competition is for entertainment purposes. By registering you are agreeing that you are competing on your own decisions and not those of Tri-Con.

Take a look at pictures from last years Cosplay Contest.

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