2016 Con of Duty

It is time for battle. Can you win the war and claim the title of Victor? Please read the rules for Con of Duty and then proceed to Sign-up a team of 4 and PREPARE FOR WAR.

Con of Duty RULES

Age Classes:

  • 10 and younger
  • 11-16
  • 17 and up


  • MOD class only for ages 17 plus
  • STOCK class All ages


One dollar per person per class/group to enter tournament unless the player is a VIP badge holder. VIP badge holders are free. This dollar will be paid at time of registration.


  • Players are responsible for finding their own teams
  • Teams of 4 with  each member starting out with 20 Tri-Con approved darts
  • Players will need to have a “clean” team name. No profanity or adult language
  • Teams will need to be in prestaging at the slotting times or chance a forfeit. If the team is not 100% present 2 minutes before the match then that team will forfeit.
  • Only darts supplied by Tri-con will be allowed in tournament
  • When you are out of darts you have to collect them from the ground.
  • ALL guns must be checked in during entrance into Tri-Con AND before each match
  • All darts must be returned after each match, any persons caught with darts after the match will be disqualified.
  • Absolutely no firing of darts outside of arena.
  • Match will consist of 2 teams on opposite sides of the room.  In the middle of the arena will be a well-defined natural zone in which neither team can cross. They may enter but NOT cross.
  • In neutral zone there will be extra darts as well. As well as extra darts tossed out randomly.
  • Each team will need to shoot down the targets on opposing teams’ side in order to win, first team to hit all targets wins the match.  Each match will play for 10 minutes, in the event neither team has hit all 6 targets then the team with the most targets down will win.
  • During the match if a player is “shot” then he/she will need to proceed to the time out square to respawn.  Respawn time is 20 seconds before the player may enter back into play.
  • There will be 2 judges on each side to ensure fair play.
  • Tournament will be double elimination for each class.
  • No melee attacks
  • No “bombs”
  • In the event of a tie there will be a shootout between one player on team and the first one to hit a target wins. First team to shot will be determined by a coin toss.


  • No pushing or shoving other players
  • Protective eyewear must be worn when in the arena which will be provided by Tri-Con.
  • NO intentional face/head shots
  • Absolutely no cheating or arguing with the refs
  • Music will be played by refs during game play just to add excitement
  • ONLY guns approved by Tri-Con will be allowed in the arena

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